Dubrovnik, 5-7 May 2022




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Mandy Fransz

Day 1

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Aaron McEwan

Day 1

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Sarah Hawley

Day 1

Speaker face

Rowena Hennigan

Day 2


Highlight Reel


Panels & Fishbowl

Panel 1 Day 1

Panel 1: Remote & Global: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)

Marty Lewis (ABC Travel Network) Julian Green (Headroom), Sarah Hawley (Growmotely), Moderator: Carolyn Zelikow (Dubrovnik Digital Nomad-in-Residence 2021)

Panel 2 Day 1

Panel 2: Remote & Hybrid Policy and The Benefits Boom

Aaron McEwan (Gartner), Nadia Vatalidis (Remote), John Lee (Work From Anywhere),
Matthew Parsons (Skift), Francisca Russo (Juno). Moderator: Tanja Polegubic (Saltwater) 


Panel 3 Day 1

Panel 3 @ Happy Hour - Business Growth, Burnout & Boundaries

Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia), Lona Alia (Safety Wing), Jan de Jong (DNA Croatia), Orest Zub (Digital Nomad), Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia). Moderator: Rowena Hennigan (RoRemotely) 

Panel 4 Day 2

Panel 4: Eyes on Croatia

Jelka Tepšić (City of Dubrovnik), Ana Hrnić (Dubrovnik Tourist Board), Steve Tsentserensky (Digital Nomad), Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia). Moderator: Han Talbot (Remote Life Podcast)


Panel 5 Day 2

Panel 5: Panel 5 - Sustainability, Place & Culture

Alexandra Schmidt (Mindful Mermaid), Mandy Fransz (Make The Leap Digital), Dean Kuchel (Digital Nomad), Anna Maria Kochanska (Digital Nomad), Paul Bradbury (Total Croatia News)

Fishbowl Day 2

Open FishBowl: Moderators - Rowena Hennigan & Marty Lewis

Open Fishbowl: Communities, Movements, Associations & Platforms. Participants jumped in and out of the fishbowl and in person from around the globe – a lot of fun!



Digital Nomad Destinations

Global Stories

Early Phase, Emerging and Established Destinations

Hear from 3 very different stages in the digital nomad journeys of: Scotland, Venywhere (Italy) and Estonia



Digital Nomad Associations

Digital Nomad Focused Associations & Their Initiatives

Meet the Digital Nomad Associations (DNAs) from Croatia, USA, Bulgaria, Italy and Turkey with a special session from Sun & Co, Spain


Meet the Destinations Welcoming Digital Nomads

Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Scotland, Mostar, Estonia, Venice, Lithuania, Serbia, Bansko, Central Istria, Valencia, Spain, Hungary, Tirana, Split, Zadar, Ukraine .. and more.


Presenter Spotlights

Dean Kuchel

Jakob Knutzen, CEO Butter

Sally Bunnell, Navi Savi

Diego Bejarano Gerke, Wifi Tribe

Anna Maria Kochanska

Sara Dyson, Expat in Croatia