Work. Place. Culture. Conference.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

5-7 May 2022

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Mandy Fransz

Make The Leap Digital

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Aaron McEwan


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Rowena Hennigan


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Sarah Hawley



Martinique Lewis

ABC Travel Network

We're Awards Finalists

Work. Place. Culture. Conferecce is a finalist at Conventa Crossover Best Event Awards 2022.

Leading Voices in Remote Work and Travel

Join Global Professionals

An experience-rich industry event for HR, Remote Work Leaders, Digital Nomads, Associations & Travel Professionals.


This event has a hybrid format: in person in Dubrovnik and online.

Dean Kuchel Dubrovnik Work Place Culture Conference

Dean Kuchel – King of Digital Nomads at “King’s Landing”

The industry event bringing together destinations and remote professionals

Sea Kayak Dubrovnik

Join us in Dubrovnik and online

Work. Place. Culture. Conference is an industry event bringing together a range of speakers who will share insights over 3 experience-rich days in Dubrovnik. Attendees will hear the latest trends, data and insights into destinations who offer digital nomad visas and companies with best practice remote and hybrid policy.

This Conference is Designed For:


  • looking to attract remote workers and digital nomads.
  • connect and collaborate with regions and “nomad trails”
  • share success stories and further build your profile to a global audience in an event blending destinations + decision makers.


  • creating/updating remote/hybrid work policy, looking for expertise and global best practice for talent attraction, retention, productivity and wellbeing.
  • with a remote work policy – promote your business to attract global talent and build profile as leading RW companies.
  • employees: learn about advocacy and support for remote work, travel and work from home (wfh).

Service Providers

  • Tools: remote collaboration, hiring, consulting, legal & tax
  • Teams: off-sites, team building, wellbeing, coaching, etc.
  • Digital Nomads: vanlife, retreats, communities, sustainability.


The Dubrovnik Tourist Board is launching its official pilot workation program at the Work. Place. Culture. Conference. The workation, in partnership with Saltwater Nomads and Sun Gardens Dubrovnik includes from 1 to 9 May 2022. One team will win a 5 star stay, welcome dinners, tours, coworking and present at Work. Place. Culture. Conference.


Registration Closed

General Admission (GA), VIP and Destination ticket holders available.

This event is hybrid. Day 1 and Day 2 conference sessions are livestreamed. Recordings are now available.

Sarah Hawley Marty Lewis Irene Cop Dubrovnik Work Place Culture Conference

About Work. Place. Culture.

Welcome – to the conference which brings work from anywhere to absolutely everywhere. Join remote professionals and destinations from around the world as they inspire a global workforce who have greater location flexibility than ever before, and the destinations which are reinventing to support them through policy, infrastructure and community.

Since 2020, Dubrovnik has been host to award winning programs and events focused on remote work policy. In 2020, the city hosted Croatia’s first digital nomad conference ‘Dubrovnik for Digital Nomads’, and the world’s first Digital Nomads-in-Residence program. In 2022, the Work. Place. Culture. Conference and official Workation launch are brought to you by the same teams, slated to follow on from the success of previous events.

Croatia was the 2nd country in Europe after Estonia, and 7th in the world to offer a digital nomad visa. Dubrovnik, the pearl of the Adriatic, continues to serve as one of Europe’s key destinations – especially in leading a global dialogue focused on remote professionals and offering a platform for collaboration, co-creation, knowledge exchange and sustainable strategies. The inaugural Work. Place. Culture. Conference is an essential event to attend if you’re looking at the intersection of remote professionals and destinations in 2022! We hope you’ll join us this May in Dubrovnik.

Work Place Culture Conference 2022 Program




Speakers Lazareti Dubrovnik Work Place Culture Conference

 Join us for 3 Days of World Class Talks, Dubrovnik Tours, & Workshops









5 May


Keynote Address + Panels

Fortress Walls ‘Netwalking’

Sea Kayaking

Happy Hour Panel

Harbourside Dinner


6 May


Keynote Address + Panels

Digital Nomad Destinations

Game of Thrones Tour

Sunset Cruise
Harbourside Dinner



7 May


Outdoor Classroom on Lokrum Island

Life/Work Design Workshops
Destination Masterclass

Nomad Table Old Town Group Dinner

Welcome Evening | Wednesday 4 May [BUSINESS PASS]

Welcome evening – with special presentation by the Croatian National Tourist Board Networking @ 20h (Business Pass ticket holders). Duration approx 1.5hrs. Sponza Palace (Old Town)

Day 1 | Thursday 5 May @ Lazareti

8:30    Registration (VENUE: Lazareti Halls, Frana Supila 10, Dubrovnik)

8:30    Tea & Coffee Station open

9:15    Group Photo

9:25    Day 1 Livestream starts

9:30    Keynote Mandy Fransz, MAKE THE LEAP DIGITAL

9:55    Q&A

10:00    Keynote Aaron McEwan, GARTNER

10:25    Q&A

10:30    Tea & Coffee Break

10:45    Keynote 3 – Theme: CULTURE. Sarah Hawley, GROWMOTELY

11:15    Panel 1 – Remote & Global: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB)
Marty Lewis (ABC Travel Network) Julian Green (Headroom), Dr Irene Čop, Stress to Success S.H.I.F:T Institute), Sarah Hawley (Growmotely)
Moderator: Carolyn Zelikow (Dubrovnik Digital Nomad-in-Residence 2021)

11:45    Q&A

12:00    LUNCH

13:00    Win A Workation presentation from the winning team.

13:15   Panel 2: Remote / Hybrid Policy & The Benefits Boom
Aaron McEwan (Gartner), Nadia Vatalidis (Remote), John Lee (Work From Anywhere),
Matthew Parsons (Skift), Francisca Russo (Juno). Moderator: Tanja Polegubic (Saltwater)

13:45   Q&A

14:00    Global Stories: Early Phase, Emerging and Established Digital Nomad Destinations
Scotland, Venywhere (Italy) and Estonia

14:30    Destinations – Digital Nomad Focused Associations – Initiatives
DNA Croatia, DNA Bulgaria, DNA Italy, DNA USA + Coliving special guest

15:00    Livestream Day 1 paused until 16:00-16:15. Restarts 18:00 – 19:00.

15:15    “NetWALLking (Dubrovnik fortress walls – guided and virtual tour)

–OR – Sea Kayaking Guided Tour (1.5 hrs). Paddling clothing.”
16:00 Digital Nomad: Dean Kuchel. The power of yes and connecting your way around the world

17:00    FREE TIME

18:00    Panel 3 @ Happy Hour – Business Growth, Burnout & Boundaries
Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia), Lona Alia (Safety Wing), Jan de Jong (DNA Croatia), Orest Zub
(Digital Nomad), Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia). Moderator: Rowena Hennigan (RoRemotely)


19:00    Beach BBQ Dinner & Entertainment (Banje Beach)

22:00    Day 1 Close … or party on, Wayne!

Day 2 | Friday 6 May @ Lazareti (and other venues - walkable)

 7:55    Day 2 Livestream starts

08:00    Early Morning Wellbeing Session (30 mins) with Yvette Pelgrom, LIFEBOOK COMPANY

8:30    Registration. Tea & Coffee station open.

9:00    Virtual Coffee – Jakob Knutzen (Butter) Remote facilitation – how we believe
facilitation is a must-have skill for remote people and project managers.

9:45    Coffee with Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia)

10:00    Keynote 4 – Rowena Hennigan, ROREMOTE

10:25    Q&A

10:30    Panel 4 – Eyes on Croatia
Jelka Tepšić (City of Dubrovnik), Ana Hrnić (Dubrovnik Tourist Board), Steve Tsentserensky
(Digital Nomad), Sara Dyson (Expat in Croatia). Moderator: Han Talbot (Remote Life Podcast)

11:15    Tea & Coffee Break

11:30    Panel 5 – Sustainability, Place & Culture
Alexandra Schmidt (Mindful Mermaid), Mandy Fransz (Make The Leap Digital), Dean Kuchel
(Digital Nomad), Anna Maria Kochanska (Digital Nomad), Paul Bradbury (Total Croatia News)

12:15    Nomad Trails – Regional Spotlight (Balkans and Mediterranean)

12:15    Open Fishbowl: Communities, Movements, Associations & Platforms

12:45    LUNCH (livestream continues with online Fishbowl)

13:45    Nomad Trails – Regional Spotlight (Balkans and Mediterranean) by Saltwater; and
Making Digital Nomad Destinations Great: Introduction by Anna Maria Kochanska

14:00    Destinations: In person and virtual presentations by: Dubrovnik, Zagreb,
Scotland, Mostar, Estonia, Venice, Lithuania, Serbia, Bansko, Central Istria,
Valencia, Spain, Hungary, Tirana, Split, Zadar, Ukraine … and more to be announced.

15:25    Closing remarks

15:30    Livestream ends

15:30    FREE TIME –OR– Game of Thrones Tour

17:30    Arrival at Gruž Harbour to embark Karaka with klapa welcome

18:00    Sunset Cruise aboard Karaka (16th century replica sailing ship)

19:00    Arrival Old Town Harbour

19:30    Harbourside Dinner and Entertainment

23:00    Day 2 Close… or party on, Garth!

Day 3 | Saturday 7 May @ Lokrum Island

NB: All Day 3 sessions require advance registration and paid ticket add-on.

Conference attendees are entitled to a discounted ticket price to Lokrum island. Visit Lokrum for a stroll around its Botanic gardens, see peacocks, sit on the Game of Thrones Throne (with exhibit) and swim in the turquoise waters of the Dead Sea Lake…right by the instragrammable sea-arch.


10:10    Meet at Harbour for Lokrum departure 1

10:30    Departure 1 for Lokrum


11:30    Workshop 1 Consciously Designing Your Ideal Life & Work (1 hour), with Yvette Pelgrom, THE LIFEBOOK COMPANY

12:30    Picnic lunch

13:30    FREE TIME

16:45    Ferry back. See schedule for alternative departures.




11:10    Meet at Harbour for Lokrum departure 2

11:30    Departure 2 for Lokrum


12:30    Picnic lunch

13:30    Team Building (2.5 hours)

16:45    Ferry back. See schedule for alternative departures.




11:10    Meet at Harbour for Lokrum departure 2

11:30    Departure 2 for Lokrum


12:30    Picnic lunch

13:30    LinkedIn with Mandy Fransz, MAKE THE LEAP DIGITAL

16:45    Ferry back. See schedule for alternative departures.




19:00    Nomad Table Group Dinner – Old Town

22:00    Day 3 Close … After Party. Details TBC.


Early bird Pricing Ended

4th April

Tickets are sold out. Stay tuned for 2023.

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Work. Place. Culture.


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